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Meet the New Blog February 3, 2010

Posted by Amir Roth in football, politics.

Hopefully not the same as the old blog.

Yes, this is my second blog. My first blog lasted all of six months and about ten long-winded ranty entries. This one will be different. Maybe. The entries will mostly be shorter. And they will be more frequent. And maybe, just maybe, I will tell my friends about this blog. The other blog was like a dark secret.  Not that there was any R-rated material in it, I just didn’t care whether anyone read it. Actually, I did care. I just wanted the followers to be anonymous and organic. I left the blog searchable and figured people who were interested in what I had to say would find it. Except they didn’t. Or maybe they did and just figured I had nothing interesting to say. Screw it. Here goes.

Who are you rooting for in Superbowl XLIV? That’s 44 for the non-Roman and 2/7/2010 for the non-football. I’m rooting for the Saints. Which goes against the grain for me. I generally don’t root for underdogs in sporting events in which I don’t have a personal interest. I always want the better team to win because that satisfies my sense of justice and world order. The better team should win. That’s why they are better. When the Phillies lost the 2009 World Series to the Yankees (I am from Philaldelphia and a fan of most of the city’s sports teams, can you tell by the title of the blog?) I wasn’t upset. The Yankees were the better team. They had the higher payroll and used it to get the better players. They deserved to win. And by that calculus, the Colts deserve to win also. The Colts don’t spend more money than the Saints but, by a combination of luck and better player management, they do have better players at most of the key positions. There are other reasons for me to root for the Colts and against the Saints. I think Peyton Manning is funny. I think Reggie Bush is a punk. My two favorite football names are Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie. I was upset when Drew Brees had his hairy facial birthmark removed. I don’t want the Saints to win a SuperBowl before my beloved Eagles do. Really, the only reasons I have to back the Saints are that I love their uniforms, that Drew Brees is 5’11, and that I got a speeding ticket in Indiana once. But I am backing the Fleur-de-Lis. Why? Because I found out the other day that Peyton is a Republican and has donated to Republican candidates. Only $9,500 mind you, but still.

Here is another fun fact about me: I’m a liberal. And the fact that “the mainframe” is a Republican scares me. Not that Peyton uses his current ubiquitous platform to advance Republican agenda. That particular football niche is actually currently empty, but will be filled by Tim Tebow if and when he sticks and succeeds in the league. What scares me is Peyton using his football and endorsement popularity to enter politics and re-energize the Republican party. And if you think I am crazy, just look at Heath Shuler (D-North Carolina) and Steve Largent (R-Oklahoma). Just two years ago, Lynn Swann ran as a Republican against Ed Rendell for Pennsylvania governor. He lost, but he did run. And if not for the San Diego Chargers, Jon Runyan would have run as a Republican out of one of the South Jersey districts. And he still might. I don’t know what it is. But a disproportionate number of Republican football players end up in politics.  Or maybe a disproportionate number of football players end up in Republican politics. Jack Kemp anyone? And it doesn’t stop at football, really. Robin Roberts. Jim Bunning. Both ex-Phillies by the way. The only ex-jock Democrat that comes to mind is Bill Bradley. You’re telling me Peyton couldn’t make it further than any of these guys if he wanted to? Get realistic. The mainframe will go as far as he wants to go. Our only hope in 2028 is that Drew Brees is a Democrat and that Brees/Clinton (Chelsea) can take down Manning/Bush (Jenna).

Oh, and that Drew ends up with more SuperBowls and more funny ads than Peyton. Go Saints!



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