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Going Public? February 13, 2010

Posted by Amir Roth in climate.

When I (re)started this blog a few weeks ago I gave myself eight weeks before deciding whether to go “public”. My previous blog died on the vine after about five posts. I suspected this was going to happen and so I didn’t let anyone read it. Figuring the same fate may befall blog 2.0, I started out by blogging anonymously. I set the blog to searchable, but I didn’t put my real name anywhere, and I didn’t tell anyone the URL. No one I know would ever associate “PhillyBluejay” with me much less guess that I would give a blog that title. I figured that if I can motivate enough to keep this blog going for two months with no readership, then I am probably in for the long haul. But the more I think about this, the more I believe that one of the reasons the first blog died was that no one was reading it. There was no self-imposed pressure to continue blogging to satisfy an adoring public. And there was no feedback about what I had to say. And so I am softening up a little bit. Or maybe just a little bit faster than I thought I would. After much prodding I finally gave up the goose (URL) to my wife. I started blogging under my real name. And now, someone has reposted my “On Snow and Rush” piece. So perhaps the blog will go public more quickly than I initially thought. Then again, this other blog has no followers yet either, so maybe not.

P.S. Unfortunately, tim-climateissues reposted before I found and fixed a factual error in the post—annual precipitation in Antarctica is about six inches not half an inch. I am an environmentalist, but the last thing I want to do is misrepresent the science or come off like someone who justifies sounding the alarm by exaggerating the numbers. The real numbers are frightening enough.

P.P.S. I finished a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle in six days. Just saying. My wife got me this 5000 piece one for Valentine’s day. I’m tempted to start it also. I also have this one still in shrink-wrap. It was a present from my brother for … something … getting my PhD maybe? I am a jigsaw puzzle machine. The only person I know who can do them faster than I can is my cousin. Although my son may catch up in a few years. He’s four and a half and can already do 200 piece puzzles by himself relatively easily.



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