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Earth Day Midlife Crisis April 22, 2010

Posted by Amir Roth in climate, economy, football, sports.
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Earth Day turns the big four-oh today. And like any self-respecting forty year old—I am fond of the term “self-respecting,” I don’t care what that says about me—it is having somewhat of a midlife crisis. The “Clean Tech” sector is churning, for lack of a better word, and universities are greening their campuses and re-aligning their science and engineering programs with the climate/sustainability axis. At the same time, the federal government is not likely to pass an energy bill that includes meaningful steps like an escalating carbon tax—which I think will be more effective than a cap and trade, and certainly simpler—or a larger pile of cash than the one that rescued AIG cum AIU and America at large is showing no signs of breaking its addiction to more. Of anything. Like a true forty year old facing a midlife crisis, the US is toying with changing careers, getting in shape, or finally learning to play the guitar. I only hope that it doesn’t eventually do what a true forty year old would, which is buy a BMW but otherwise continue with business as usual.

P.S. Bluejay got 617 views yesterday. That’s almost twice the total number of views it had previously, 377. Only 7 of these views were by subscribers. The rest were by people searching for pictures of lightning from the Eyjafjallajokull ash cloud. I posted a link to one such picture. And boom. We’re already at 238 hits today. People, read the posts! I have important things to say! And I have more pictures of Iceland volcano lightning.

P.P.S. The first round of the NFL draft is on tonight in prime time. And I could not be more excited for a sporting non-contest. I think I may add Mel Kiper Jr. to my Mt. Rushmore of Platonic forms, right between Gregg Easterbrook and my mother. With Mt. Crushmore now at capacity, the next idol will have to bump someone off. I can only hope that said next idol arrives after POTUS BO’s second term.

P.P.P.S. Feeling blue and unfulfilled by your job? Find a neighborhood construction project and volunteer for a day. Nothing beats six hours of digging, hauling, measuring, drilling, sawing, and hammering for instant gratification.



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