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Reading List

Books I have read since starting this blog. I will try to keep this in chronological order.

“Where Good Ideas Come From” -Steven Johnson (December 2010)
“What Have You Changed Your Mind About” -John Brockman (December 2010)
“Not a Drop to Drink” -Ken Midkiff (November 2010)
“The Black Swan” -Nassim Nicholas Taleb (October 2010)
“Sustainable Energy without the Hot Air” -David Mackay (October 2010)
“Hot, Flat, and Crowded” -Tom Friedman (September 2010)
“Naked” -David Sedaris (September 2010)
“The Book of Basketball” -Bill Simmons (July 2010, started March 2010)
“Rock, Paper, Scissors” -Len Fisher (July 2010)
“You Are Not a Gadget” -Jaron Lanier (July 2010)
“Your Inner Fish” -Neil Shubin (June 2010)
“Eaarth” -Bill McKibben (May 2010)
“This Will Change Everything” -John Brockman (May 2010)
“What Should I Do With My Life?” -Po Bronson (April 2010)
“The Next Fifty Years” -John Brockman (April 2010)
“What’s Next” -Max Brockman (April 2010)
“Ecological Intelligence” -Dan Goleman (March 2010)
“Plan B” -Lester Brown (March 2010)
“What the Dog Saw” -Malcolm Gladwell (February 2010)



1. Ilya - October 30, 2010

From this list, I only read “Your Inner Fish”. I also read From Beirut to Jerusalem by Tom Friedman and other collections by John Brockman. I am aware of Lester Brown’s work but have not actually read it.

Amir Roth - October 31, 2010

This is just the list from when I started the blog, Feb. 2010. I’m sure if I go back further, the overlap will grow.

2. Delusion Points « Philly Bluejay - November 14, 2010

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